she sees her missing cat 7 months earlier when she least expected it

When she began to believe that she would never see her pet again, a New Zealander received a surprise phone call from a shelter, telling her that Sandy had just been found. This cat had not been found for 7 long months.

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Many pet disappearances occur after a move. They lose their bearings and, if they are used to going out like many cats, may not find their way back to their new home if they have ventured too far. That’s what happened to a pussy called Sandy and who lives in Napier, in New Zealand. A story told by the NZ Herald.

She and her owner Pauline White had moved in 6 weeks earlier when, on March 3, 2022, the 6-year-old feline vanished. His owner had noted his disappearance around 9:30 p.m. local time that evening. She then made several round trips between her new home and the old one, with the idea that Sandy might have wanted to go back. Despite her incessant research, she had no news of the cat.

The more time passed, the more she thought her chances of finding Sandy were shrinking. The situation remained unchanged until the beginning of October, ie 7 months later.

I was starting to lose hope, but there was always that little something “, entrusts Pauline White recounting the time when a shelter located 20 kilometers further south called her with the news that she believed impossible.

“I would never have seen her again if she hadn’t been chipped”

His interlocutor, an employee of the refuge of the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Hastingsexplained to him that Sandy had just been brought there. The vet had put her through an ID chip reader. ” I probably never would have seen her again if she hadn’t been chipped. “, continues the mistress of the animal.

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Sandy returned home safe and sound. Since their reunion, Pauline White take precautions to prevent further escape. ” She stays inside until I buy her a little harness with her name on it “.

Waiting, Sandy is resting and quietly regaining its bearings at home.


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