She had thrown a Maltese from the second floor, a woman sentenced to six months in prison suspended

This Tuesday, the trial was held of a young Saint-Poloise who had stolen a bichon, in September 2021. She had thrown it from her window when her master wanted to recover it. The animal was seriously injured.

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“Light”, the Maltese bichon was present from 8 a.m. in front of the palace. He passes from arm to arm, we caress him, we reassure him, we scratch him. He trembles because he has become fearful. And all those people around him! Does he even know what’s going on? We put a nice bandana on him for the occasion.

His supporters present, around fifty people, spread postcards sent from all over France on the ground, as the affair moved beyond our borders. We show off t-shirts: Justice for Light “.

Hundreds of postcards spread out on the ground in front of the courthouse, were sent from all over France, to support the bichon.
Hundreds of postcards spread out on the ground in front of the courthouse, were sent from all over France, to support the bichon.

A painter made a painting of the bichon. The work is on display for all to see. A film crew films Light from all angles. “It’s a documentary about Light, but also about Nino, a little dog whose shared custody is not respected.
“explains the director.

Deprived of trial

The demand from the animal rights lawyers, who came in large numbers, is that Light be able to attend his trial. The court refuses. The bichon will not be able to follow the legal debates concerning him. The lawyers are appalled.

The task promises to be difficult for the lawyer for the young 19-year-old Saint-Poloise who, despite herself, has made the bichon, an icon, a martyr. She asked him not to come to the hearing. She is the target constant death threats “, she specifies.

Light emerged from anonymity on September 23, 2021. On that day, Amina

, wanders, drunk, with two underage girlfriends. They meet the little dog in front of Aldi, in Saint-Pol. He is attached. His master runs errands. The three youngsters fall in love with the bichon and his crunchy face! They want it, they steal it. They run with the bichon in their arms to Amina’s apartment, who locks herself up. The master followed them. He claims his pet, bangs on the door, threatens to call the police. Amina is cornered. She throws Light out the second story window. The bichon broke his jaw. Three months of suffering will follow. “ Today, he can’t even eat his pieces of raw carrots, his little pleasure since always “, pleads a Marseille lawyer, her voice choked with emotion. The squad of animal rights lawyers present at the trial did not have harsh enough words against Amina. It is a question of “ cruelty “, of “ barbarity
“, of ”
crime “, of “ attempted murder


I don’t know why I did that, besides I like animals. I regret for this dog, it pains me

“. Saint-Poloise received a six-month suspended prison sentence, a ban on keeping an animal for five years. The total damages that she will have to pay, in particular for the animal cause, amount to €15,900.

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