She comes across an abandoned 19-year-old dog and decides to give her the happy retirement she deserves

Annie is at the twilight of her life, but she got a fresh start thanks to a young woman who decided to do everything to make her last days filled with joy and happiness.

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A senior dog has the happiest end of life thanks to the person who was touched by her story after she was abandoned, reported WFAA.

Lauren Siler reside dallas in the state of Texas. She shares her accommodation with her best friend Lisa Flores. Recently, the young woman was in Anchorage in Alaska and was about to fly home, when she came across the photo instagram of a 19 year old dog who needed a family. The sight of this sweet little face as she sat in her poor little cubicle had totally upset her.

Annethe dog in question, was at the refuge of the Dallas Pet Services. The Labrador Retriever/Pitbull mix had just been brought there by her previous owners, according to whom she had stopped walking and eating.

Before returning to Texas, Lauren Siler learned that the association The Pawerful Rescue took Anne in charge in the meantime, but that she was looking for a foster family for him. She and her roommate immediately contacted the organization to offer to take her into their home.

A list of exciting activities for Annie

Anne was thus able to discover his new home. Her 2 benefactresses have started sharing photos of themselves on instagram, and success quickly followed. The duo compiled a to-do list for the dog; Anne was able to taste hamburgers, had the right to a birthday party or even took part in a professional photo shoot. She also celebrated Christmas and Valentine’s Day far from their normal dates, in July and August respectively.

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The popularity of the senior dog continues to grow, as lauren and Lisa share photos and videos of her on the social network. Greeting cards, donations and gifts come to her from everywhere, even from abroad.

Through their approach, the 2 young women hope to encourage other people to open up to older dogs, either by adopting them or by becoming their foster family.

Anne, she continues to link pleasures and discoveries. The vet had told the volunteers that she only had one month to live, but 4 months later she is still with them.

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