She boasts of having killed a wolf, it was a husky…


United StatesShe boasts of having killed a wolf, it was a husky…

A Montana woman has sparked a torrent of outrage after she publicly gloated about “smoking a wolf cub”.

Amber Rose with her

Amber Rose with her “trophy”, which she skinned.


In Montana, a woman boasted of having shot a wolf, posting numerous images of her “trophy” on social networks. But many quickly pointed out to him that it was not a wolf but a dog, a husky… In addition to the immense indignation aroused, an investigation is now open.

Amber Rose of Miller City posted several snaps on Facebook. She poses all smiles with a dead black and white canine. Or with his gun. Or in front of the animal after skinning it, reports the “New York Post”.

As an accompaniment, she wrote of going on a bear hunt. “But I had the opportunity to take a predatory wolf cub. It was a great feeling to text my man and say I just smoked a wolf cub,” she boasted. And to specify that it was his first wolf and that it was one less predator.

Many Internet users were revolted by these images and, above all, very quickly pointed out to him that the photos very clearly showed a Siberian husky. Others pointed out that Amber Rose was happy to have killed a “wolf cub” and that if that had been the case, slaughtering young animals is nothing enviable for an ecosystem.

“Dog Killer”

Many also tax the American as a “dog killer” or castigate a woman who claims to be a hunter but proves unable to distinguish a dog from a wolf.

Amber Rose then backpedaled, reports the American press. Contrary to what she had initially written, she then admitted an error but affirmed that she had believed to have to do with a hybrid, born from a crossing between a wolf and a dog. Then the American swore that she had in fact acted in self-defense.

“My safety was the top priority, yet this growling, howling animal was coming towards me like it was going to eat me,” she wrote.

It looks like someone had abandoned 12 huskies in the woods. The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office said 11 of them were recovered and turned over to a shelter and it was aware the last one “may have been shot.”

The hunter has not yet been punished, but authorities told TMZ that an investigation has been opened into the husky’s death.

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