sharp rise in prices at Superchargers

On the night of Sunday to Monday, Tesla rocketed the price of kWh to Superchargers. The kWh now costs €0.67.

Bad surprise for Tesla customers. The brand has just sent them a message, to warn them of a price adjustment to Superchargers. A modest way to announce a price increase, very high.

As of Monday, September 19, it costs 67 cents per kWh for Tesla customers at Superchargers. For customers outside the brand’s subscription, which has opened access to some of its terminals, it is now 79 cents.

The price of €0.67 for drivers of a Tesla is the same across the country. It no longer depends on the location of the station. For regulars, the change stings, because the average cost per kWh at Superchargers was around 50 cents. That is a surge of around 30%!

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Fast-charging electric cars will cost more

In its email to customers, Tesla says it’s “due to an increase in energy prices.” These prices have soared because of the war in Ukraine, the conflict having in particular caused gas prices to soar, on which electricity tariffs are based. Fast charging operators have no choice but to pass this on to their users. Example with Allego, which increased its prices in France in June and September, and will do so again in October.

With regard to home charging, the government has announced that regulated prices will increase by up to 15% on February 1, 2023.

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