Several wolves filmed in the garden of a house in the Vaucluse

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About thirty wolves live in the Luberon Regional Natural Park. Since the summer, residents of Apt have filmed several passages of wolves in their garden.

He lives just 1 km from the town of Apt and has filmed the passage of several wolves in his garden. And this is not the only one revealed to us by our colleagues from France Bleu Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. Several nearby residents were also able to see the beast in their property. According to the Luberon Regional Natural Park, there are about thirty wolves living from Lure to the Monts de Vaucluse.

“Nothing abnormal”

The resident who managed to capture images of this impromptu passage – images authenticated by specialists – says: “They pass through the garden. The evening when they killed two goats at the neighbor’s house, they went up to three. Y ‘ has one going by with a leg or whatever in its mouth. We also had one, he was going over there, he was yelping and answering the female dog.”

For Julien Baudat Franceschi, the wolf project manager in the PACA region, if the fact that wolves approach houses at night, “is nothing abnormal. We must all the same remain vigilant, because the wolf remains a predator. If he finds a sheep, a goat or a dog, there he can do damage, “he said at the microphone of our colleagues.

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