Seine et Marne. The president of Cat and Co in police custody for non-return of animals

Lydia Biset, arrested by the gendarmes, was placed in police custody ©DR

The president of the animal protection association Cat and Co was arrested by police at her home in Coubert (Seine-et-Marne), this Thursday, September 22. Lydia Bizet, 54, was placed in custody for breach of trust.

But the association Stephane Lamart flies to his rescue, by paying his lawyer fees, and denounces a judicial imbroglio.

Seizure of animals

In fact, you have to go back to August 6, when the seizure of animals at Bernay Vilbertto understand the situation. A yearethree goats and four goats had been entrusted by the Meaux public prosecutor’s office to Cat and Co. Undeclared, these emaciated and sick were deprived of care, in view of the veterinary report which also noted the presence of parasites. In addition, the goats had abnormally long hooves and the donkey’s hooves needed urgent trimming, to prevent deformation of the fetlocks.

“It was the elected officials and the inhabitants of Bernay-Vilbert who fed these animals parked in a field, where we discovered a corpse of a goat, assures Stéphane Lamart. The alleged owner says for his part that he wanted to have happy farm. »

Turnaround situation

But, despite suspicions of abuse, the case has seen a turnaround. After the opening of a gendarmerie investigation, the deputy prosecutor, Pierre-Yves Biet, finally closed the case without follow-up and orderly return of animals. What Lydia Bizet refuses. Hence her custody, where she is assisted by Me Patrice Grillon.

“It’s a shame! “Storm Stéphane Lamart who seized the Attorney General of Paris and alerted the office of the prefect of Seine-et-Marne. The animal defender also announces that he wants to launch a petition. Case to follow.

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