Sébastien Thoen recounts his dinner with Elon Musk at Ikea

Sébastien Thoen spent Wednesday evening with Elon Musk: “I was with the true king of kings. The one who understood everything. The one who is ten years ahead of the competition. The one who participates every day in a better world . Elon Musk, the richest boss in the world, the boss of Tesla…”, he explains.

“I have an appointment at the Ikea restaurant in Vélizy. Yes, he’s a guy from the people, little Elon. I arrive and immediately it’s a cold shower. To oblivion Elon Musk, the leader of the bling-bling world. He is sitting alone at a table in a tracksuit, socks and flip-flops”says the comedian.

“Elon really makes a face. He says to me: ‘Sébastien, I don’t understand. Like all billionaires, I have a bad image. And yet, I do everything to improve the state of the world. do this for others, but people don’t like me'”, says Sébastien Thoen.

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