Saint-Paul: Planch’Alizé will continue its activity until the delivery of its new restaurant

The municipal council of the city of Saint-Paul spoke, this Thursday, September 8, on the case of Planch’Alizé. It’s official: the restaurant will indeed be able to continue its activity, until the delivery in 2025 of a new roundabout, built beyond the red zone.

This Thursday, September 8, the elected officials of the town hall of Saint Paul met in municipal council to give their opinion on around fifty files, including that concerning Planch’Alizé. The restaurant still pays its royalties, but it no longer has an Authorization for Temporary Occupation, AOT, since 2018.

The town hall has officially decided: the owner will be able to continue his catering activity until the delivery in 2025 of a new 400m2 roundabout built on the back of the beach, beyond the red zone.

The report of Réunion La 1ère:

The Planch’Alizé restaurant will continue its activity until the delivery of its new premises in 2025

This decision, taken to preserve the employment of employees, confirms the decline of the restaurant announced on August 30th. “We took the time to analyze this case legally. The solution we are proposing to the municipal council today is to build a legal establishment in the private part of the municipality of Saint-Paul.explained Emmanuel Séraphin, mayor of Saint-Paul, on Réunion La 1time.

Watch the details of Emmanuel Séraphin, mayor of Saint-Paul, on Réunion La 1time :

Emmanuel Séraphin, mayor of Saint-Paul on the Planch Alizée dossier

Jean-François Nativel, municipal councilor of the opposition, also welcomed the decision taken by the town hall: “it is a wise decision to have proposed the retreat” he said at the city council.

It is an important first step which marks the end of a procedure, but also the beginning of another procedure which is the construction of this establishment.

Emmanuel Seraphin, Mayor of Saint-Paul

Karl Bellon, municipal councilor of opposition, and member of the collective of defense of the maritime public domain denounced this morning the illegality of a deliberation of the municipal council which would go in this direction. He threatens to file a complaint in court and demands the pure and simple destruction of the restaurant.

“I can’t stop people from attacking“replied the mayor of the town. For the latter, “we must prepare for the future. Tomorrow, we will have an establishment that will get into the nails. We must avoid reliving what we saw in years past when we lost a hundred jobs and economic activity. And we can see that it didn’t solve the problems because we still have concrete in the lagoon, and scrap metal sticking out”. Already in 2018, at the Hermitage, “waterfront” restaurants had to be destroyed. “In the past, other restaurants had to move under pressure to the Hermitage and they were never rebuilt.” deplored a few days ago Jean-François Nativel, elected representative of Saint-Paul.

The town hall thus wishes to find a solution to save jobs and prevent similar events from happening again. Snack, catering, rental of beach equipment: the establishment offers various activities. It employs about forty employees concerned about their future. With the construction of the new roundabout at the back of the beach, on communal land, “lCurrent jobs will be transferred to this new entity“concludes the mayor.

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