Roscoe, preyed upon by an aggressive dog at Colomars

Every day, Alain, who lives in the Sirole district of Colomars, walks his four-legged companion along the roads of the district. This two-year-old Labrador, named Roscoe, goes for his daily walk on a leash.

Very recently, a Staffie or American Pit Bull style dog violently attacked the peaceful Labrador, causing him deep injuries to his hindquarters. The attack occurred in the morning, directly above the Chemin du Roure.

Free from all ties, the aggressive animal seemed to circulate in total freedom. Runaway animal or careless owner? Either way, the outcome could have been dire for Roscoe who pulled through after being treated by a vet. One can easily imagine the consequences if an owner were tempted to intervene during an attack…

According to Alain, shaken by this episode, the attacker has a gray and black coat, with a trail of white hair on the chest.

Already reported for aggressive behavior towards its fellow creatures, but still not identified, this dangerous (bad) pet seems to roam free throughout the Sirole district.

For those who have crossed it or have been victims of this animal, the municipal police receive calls at


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