Rome: 30 famous restaurants forced to shut down in 7 days

The catering sector in Rome is experiencing a serious crisis these days caused by soaring prices of energy, raw materials and rents. In fact, over the last 7 days, 30 establishments in the Italian capital have had to go out of business.

The Italian daily Il Messaggero in particular described a disastrous situation. The restaurants affected by a premature closure are also very famous in Rome.

By the end of September, “120 Roman restaurants risk closing completely”, explains Claudio Pica, president of the Capitoline Fiepet Confesercenti.

Meanwhile, the price of menus in restaurants that are still open continues to rise: “If in the past the products to make an amatricana sauce cost 3 euros, today they are 5.50 euros” notes Pica, referring to the rise of classic Roman cuisine. “And as far as customers are concerned, he says, for less than 12 euros, it is difficult to find a pasta dish in a restaurant today.”

Separately, the Italian government has announced that the heating temperature this winter will not exceed 19 degrees, which could discourage tourists from visiting hotels in the country.

A new awareness campaign will encourage people to spend less time in the shower – and to use colder water – and to unplug electrical appliances when not in use.

In addition, the spa and heated swimming pool industry is threatened by this new directive.

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