Risk of opening the hood while driving: recall of Tesla cars

Tesla Model S and Model 3 sedans produced from 2014 to 2021 are affected by this recall ordered by the European Commission.

The European Commission has ordered the recall of Tesla Model S and Model 3 cars produced since 2014, due to a fragile front hood, according to an alert posted online on Friday.

According to this reminder on the Commission’s “Safety Gate” site and taken up in France by the government site “Rappel conso”, “at high speed, the air intake between the bonnet and the radiator grille causes vibrations in the bonnet” affected Tesla sedans. ‘This can lead to stress fractures along the hood latch striker and its separation from the hood, causing the hood to pop open’, a possibility which ‘increases the risk of an accident’according to the same source.

This recall covers the 2014-2021 production years of these models from the American manufacturer, a specialist in electric cars, according to the two sites. No information was immediately available on the number of vehicles affected.

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