Rhone. In the middle of a hunt, a hunting dog breaks through the fence and enters the garden of a house

A hunting dog burst into the garden of a family in Marennes, in the Rhône, reports Progress Sunday, October 30, 2022. He forced the fence on the property when hunting was prohibited that day in the area and could have been attacked by the owners’ dog. The animal was in fact part of a hunt organized on October 25 in the neighboring department of Isère, by the Hunting Federation of Villette-de-Vienne.

After this incident, the resident of Marennes contacted the gendarmerie, who identified the master of the dog thanks to the GPS collar. No offense being noted by the military, the family could not file a complaint and the animal joined the pack.

The Hunting Federation reassures

Danielle Chenavier, president of the federation of hunters of Isère, explained by email that the beat was well authorized in Isère and that it is not uncommon for a dog to pass from one municipality to another wanting follow game. “It is not out of control and can be recovered using GPS”she says.

“He is only interested in the game he is chasing and would not attack another dog”, she tries to reassure. As for the potential damage on the fence of the inhabitants, they can be reported to the ACCA of Villette-de-Vienne which will seize its insurance.

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