Restaurants: Tired of waiting for the bill after the meal? Pay with a QR code


RestaurantsTired of waiting for the bill after the meal? Pay with a QR code

Digital solutions for payment in restaurants are gaining popularity. And experience would show that staff can come out on top.

In particular, the solution is already widely used elsewhere, for example in the United States.

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Everyone has already experienced it: a good meal at the restaurant, friendly staff and then, once you have drunk the last drop of coffee or swallowed the last spoon of the homemade dessert, it is as if you disappeared from the surface of the Earth and you have to go out of your way to ask for – and then receive – its bill.

But a solution is beginning to emerge. Already widespread in some foreign countries, Switzerland will see more and more QR codes flourish directly on restaurant tables. And not just to consult the menu, as has been widely done during the pandemic, but also to pay. There “Schweiz am Wochenende” takes stock of several start-ups that offer the solution and whose success is there.

Everyone can win

Among them, Twenty Pay, founded in Lausanne less than a year ago and which already has more than 70 customers in French-speaking Switzerland. Its co-founder, David Ben Adiba, 26, explains to the German-speaking newspaper that the practice becomes all the more interesting in the current situation of staff shortage. This one, rather than running in all directions, can save time on receipts and put it to good use for, for example, customer advice. “That’s their real passion, not counting coins and bills,” he says.

But if customers pay from their smartphone, without the supervision of the employee, will they then take advantage of it to surreptitiously skip the “tip” box? No, notes the young entrepreneur. “Our experience shows that when people pay on their smartphone, they even leave on average 40% more,” he says. As is very common in the United States, where tipping is mandatory, notes created via QR codes automatically offer idea orders for different tips, for example 5%, 10% or more, based on the amount of the bill.


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