Restaurant: did you know why the waiters take over the menu directly after the order?

by Jessica Meurens

When you go to eat at a restaurant, have you ever noticed that the waiters do not leave you the menu once you have placed your order? Here is the explanation.

Have you ever wondered why waiters take over your menu, almost in a hurry, once you’ve placed your order? Indeed, this happens even when the restaurant is not full and you could still need this menu to choose a drink, for example… However, the waiters always seem to be in a hurry and take the menu directly.

But why such behavior? According to Health+the server’s goal is obviously not to annoy you and there are, in fact, several reasons for this need to retrieve the menu so quickly.

Why do the waiters collect the menus directly from the restaurant?

First, it is indeed a problem of quantity. Indeed, the menus are printed in limited quantities. For budgetary reasons, because printing menus each time it changes could be very expensive, it is not uncommon for a restaurant to have fewer menus than the number of seats available. As a result, the servers rush to retrieve the menus in order to have them to welcome new customers.

But this is also a matter of convenience for customers. Indeed, there is generally not a lot of space available on the tables, between the plates, the cutlery, the glasses, the basket of bread, the possible decoration, etc. Suddenly, to declutter them, the waiters take over the menus directly.

That’s not all: one of the main reasons is that it lets staff and management know where you are in the service sequence. Indeed, each restaurant has its own, which can vary depending on the preferences and culture of the restaurant owner.

What is the service sequence?

In reality, a restaurant is much more organized than you think and everything has to be done in the right order. Generally, for example, bread and butter will only be brought to the table after the order has been taken. Then the sommelier, if there is one, will come and talk to you about the wines that will go best with your meal. The cutlery will also be adapted to your choices, etc.

As a result, resuming the menus shows other employees that your order has been taken and that the following items (like those mentioned above) can therefore follow. This is one of the little clues that employees leave to each other so that they can chain everything together without having to ask themselves questions all the time. If this method is extremely advanced in gourmet restaurants, it seems that more “ordinary” establishments also use it.

The next time a waiter asks you directly for your menu after taking your order, you’ll know why!

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