Renault mocks Tesla for advertising its electric trucks

Try Renault making fun of Tesla to advertise its electric trucks?

Configure your vehicle Renault makes fun of Tesla to advertise its electric trucks or request a free trial.

In its latest commercial, Renault has fun attacking Tesla. The production time of the Semi is the object of the mockery.

“There are those who make big announcements, and those who are already doing miles”. This is how Renault compares itself to Tesla in its latest ad for its electric trucks. The French manufacturer highlights the progress of its ‘zero emission’ truck project.

Along with the first sentence we see a poster for the Tesla Semi in the background. Tesla’s electric truck is only beginning deliveries, five years after the announcement of its creation. Initially, the model should have arrived at its first customers in 2019, before several delays.

The video clarifies about the trucks that “more than 300 electric vehicles” are already on the road. In the description, Renault details the test program. Thus, we learn that its electric trucks have already traveled “more than two million kilometers”.

This small attack on Tesla is obviously something to laugh about, but Renault is rightly taking advantage of it. Ad effects are indeed an integral part of Tesla marketing. And if the products that come out are successful, it is not surprising that the competition exploits these delays.

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