Real star of the Cannes Film Festival, the chihuahua Savanna turned back at the entrance to a show at the Villa Noailles

This is called a toydog. A very small dog, which fits in a purse. Savanna, a year and a half and 1.6 kg all wet, is one of them. But to be minimal, this female Chihuahua has the growing notoriety of a starlet on the Croisette. During the last Cannes or Monte-Carlo Festival, the short-haired Miss took the selfie pose with Benjamin Biolay, Iris Mittenaere, Stéphane Plazza, Baptiste Giacobini … and other show biz personalities.

“A dog smells…”

“She was eye-catching so I stepped into the breach and the stars played alongsmiles Cécile Forest his mistress. Since then, it’s generally super nice. Everywhere I go, people ask me for a photo with her, and I started to put this mascot popularity at the service of the City, via Instagram

Unfortunately, last Saturday, it was not so during the second evening of the Villa Jamel Comedy club, in the gardens of the Noailles media library.

At the entrance, Savanna was however discreet, half asleep and huddled between wallet and laptop. But while a first security guard let her pass with a smile, the site guard blocked this small pair of ears which barely protruded from the bag.

“I chose not to conceal it, I did not imagine that my honesty was going to cost me my evening!”laments Cécile, despite having a ticket paid for online.

“A dog smells, even small and groomed…”, he would have retorted, in front of the sign prohibiting dogs. Without possible compromise, Savanna and her mistress had to turn back. Leaving their loved ones to try to laugh at the valves of the comedians of the Jamel Comedy club, who were only on stage that evening …

loves female dogs

“However, hundreds of spectators have settled on the lawn to drink and eat in the smell of food trucks, and very often, I am allowed to pass with Savanna, as long as she does not flinch”, Cécile points again. At a time when the City is making an advertising campaign against the abandonment of dogs in cars, we should still make a distinction between very small dogs that hold in the arms and big mastiffs!

On the City side, we limit ourselves to recalling the regulations which “prohibits any animal within the confines of the media library site”. While specifying that Cécile’s ticket will soon be refunded to her, contrary to what was first indicated to her by the organizer.

But for Cécile Forest, the interest of her approach obviously does not lie there. And his conclusion that says a lot, as we bark: “A small dog like Savanna should have a few skills that big dogs don’t. And then, it is clear this summer that a well-behaved little dog does much less damage than a number of poorly educated adults…”


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