Quiches, pizzas, bread… A day at the “open oven” in Boussac to cook together

Never short of ideas, the Taverne d’Albert has scheduled an open oven day for Sunday September 4th. Rest assured, this is not about cooking with the oven door open, but more exactly about opening the heated oven to everyone. You will thus have the possibility of coming to cook your quiches, pizzas, sweet or savory pies and others in the wood oven for this ancestral cooking which has never been replaced.

First for the bread, then for your cooking

For practical organizational reasons, a first baking of bread is scheduled for 9 am, those who wish to make bread dough will have a part of the sole reserved for them. Then will follow the successive firings that you will have the leisure to bring.

In order to plan the latter a little, it would be preferable to contact a member of the association so that these firings can be programmed. Tables will be made available for those who wish to consume on site. Persons to contact:

Audrey 06 79 77 61 80 and Alain 06 89 51 56 24.

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