Pyrénées-Orientales: Louis Privat, the boss of the Grands Buffets, visiting land in the department

This Monday, September 26, at the beginning of the afternoon, Louis Privat went to the Pyrénées-Orientales to visit four sites that could accommodate his restaurant, the Grands Buffets de Narbonne, its 363,000 customers a year, and all the ambition of the entrepreneur.

On tiptoe, away from the gaze of the media, the boss of the Grands Buffets de Narbonne Louis Privat came to visit four sites this Monday, September 26 in the Pyrénées-Orientales. The entrepreneur wants to move his famous restaurant since his divorce from the agglo Grand Narbonne. The Pyrénées-Orientales, Carcassonne, Castelnaudary, Montpellier, Lézignan, Leucate and Béziers, the main competitor, have positioned themselves to host the project.

This Monday, accompanied by Laurent Gauze, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry 66, Brice Sannac, President of the Union of Trades and Industries of the Hotel Industry 66 and State Services, Louis Privat s went to Rivesaltes, Cabestany and Toulouges in the company of the mayors and two relatives, including an architect. In Rivesaltes, two sites were visited. Both spaces are located about a minute from the highway. An important criterion because the Grands Buffets are a real attraction for the Catalans of the south, as confirmed by Louis Privat last August in L’Indépendant. An area in Cabestany was also seen. Louis Privat finally went to Toulouges to find out about a site located on the edge of the road.

22 to 23 hectares sought

The four plots correspond to the specifications of the project which has grown. According to our information, Louis Privat is no longer looking for ten hectares but for around twenty, varying between 22 and 23 hectares. The surface will have to accommodate the restaurant, at least one hotel, a hall of regional products but also, new fact, equipment dedicated to cultural events.

The two Rivesaltes sites would be particularly suitable for setting up Les Grands Buffets. If Louis Privat would not have clearly revealed the meaning of his reflection, he would still have shown a real interest in these areas close to the motorway and the sea route. It remains to see the arguments of the two main competitors: Béziers and Carcassonne. Political questions could also come into play. The Pyrénées-Orientales, represented on Monday by elected officials, members of the economic world and tourism players, have played the card of unity.

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