Public transport: The train will not cost more, the rates for bicycles and dogs adapted


Public transportThe train will not cost more, the rates for bikes and dogs adapted

The SwissPass alliance confirmed on Monday that prices would not increase next year despite inflation. The RailPlus international discount, on the other hand, will disappear.

Public transport prices will not experience a general increase next year.

Public transport prices will not experience a general increase next year.

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As already announced several weeks ago, transport prices will remain stable next year, despite the inflation observed this year, which is putting some transport companies in difficulty Bern or at Lausanne. Alliance SwissPass officially confirmed this on Monday: no general increase in prices during the timetable change on December 11. “Only a few rare tourist companies plan to adjust their prices,” reads a press release. However, the prices will be up for the Léman Express French side.

SwissPass provides some adaptations, in particular for travelers accompanied by a dog and cyclists. The purchase of tickets for this group of travelers will be significantly simplified, promises Alliance SwissPass. “The scope of the loading of bicycles by travelers has been greatly extended and will now mainly correspond to the radius of validity of the GA”, assures the organization.

Mention is also made of the RailPlus card, which will disappear from next year throughout Europe. It offered a 15% discount on certain international routes. “RailPlus has continuously lost its appeal due to the wide availability of supersaver tickets, because the discount is not valid for these offers”, explains Alliance Swisspass, which also announces more attractive prices for young people from 2023, without further ado. details for now. A new subscription more flexible than GA will also make its debut next year, recalls the organization of the public transport branch.

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