prices at Superchargers are falling

After a spike in September, prices at Superchargers have come down. Tesla is also setting up more advantageous prices at night.

Good news for Tesla drivers. Recharging at Superchargers becomes a little cheaper. Prices had soared in mid-September, with a kWh billed at 67 cents, whereas it cost around 50 cents this summer. Tesla had explained to its customers that it was “due to an increase in energy prices”. However, even if it drops, we do not find these rates. Since Tuesday, October 11, the kWh has fallen by 6 cents and is billed on average €0.61.

But as we have seen thanks to a member of our forum, there is the establishment of a more advantageous rate at night. From 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., the cost per kWh is €0.53. Enough to encourage recharging during these off-peak hours and relieve the electricity network… but you still have to be at the level of a Supercharger at these times! Tesla also tells us that this is for some stations to begin with, but will expand to other stations over time.

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For customers outside the brand’s subscription, which has opened access to some of its terminals to models other than its own, it is now 73 cents instead of 79 cents. The night price will also be available for non-Tesla (this price remains to be defined).

In France, Tesla has just passed the milestone of 125 stations, with a total of more than 1,500 charging points.

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