Pradieres. Blandine and Manu, the same passion for animals

In 2018, Blandine and Manu, employees in the private sector and driven by a (rare) common vocation for animals and nature, decided to make their dream a reality: to become breeders at the Domaine de Laborie. And yet, the difficulties of the activity are real and constantly require questioning. But the couple is clever and anticipates!

He first diversified his livestock and draws daily from the knowledge of the elders. Thus, it optimizes the gifts offered by Mother Nature. For example, when the grass is lacking, Manu feeds his animals with the leaves of trees with very nutritious values. Always with a long-term vision, he prunes them so that they grow back quickly, in order to be able to repeat the operation every two years. The wood is sold, the cutting, for its part, promotes the formation of clearings conducive to biodiversity.

What impresses the most is the emotional closeness of Blandine and Manu with their animals, which allows them to detect discomfort, illness with a simple look, and pushed them to share their passion. Thus, several times a week, the young couple welcomes the public to the Arche du Barry, who can then pet cows, buffaloes, calves, pigs, sheep, lambs and even a camel, incongruous and pacifist. Some children, sometimes frightened on their arrival, ask to ride an animal, the atmosphere is so soft and serene. Real pet therapy sessions! It must be said that their guide, a real enthusiast, does not hesitate to come and visit the animals two or three times a day, just to talk to them, cuddle them and ensure their well-being.

The couple also provides tourists with a gite, l’Oustalet. Difficult times are then sweetened by beautiful encounters that reinforce their conviction of having made the right choice.

Information: 06 09 18 66 62; on the networks, “l’Arche du Barry” or “Gîte de l’Oustalet”.

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