Philippe Etchebest’s secrets for a successful crumble dough!

Cheap, easy and ready in less than 5 minutes, chef Etchebest offers you this week to make a homemade crumble dough. It is essential for the realization of the dessert of the same name, comforting to perfection with the arrival of autumn. Here is her recipe and tips!

The still lukewarm crumble, just out of the oven, is the perfect dessert to enjoy with the arrival of cool autumn evenings. Philippe Etchebest offers you in his latest Youtube Mentor video, his crumble dough recipe. Here is his recipe with next to nothing and his tips for a crispy and delicious crumble.

This comforting fall dessert can be prepared with apples, pears or other seasonal fruits. Sprinkle your fruit with this crumble dough, bake and you’re done!

This recipe is economical, very quick to make and above all, delicious. ! Did you know ? The chef’s favorite crumble is the one with apples and raspberries! You can also find his crumble recipe in his book or soon in a next video!

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The recipe for crumble dough by Philippe Etchebest

  • 100g butter
  • 260g flour
  • 130g caster sugar
  • 1 egg yolk

Start by getting out your electric mixer. If you don’t have one, it doesn’t matter, do without.

Add the flour, sugar and softened butter to the stand mixer bowl.
Secret number 1 : use softened butter, so that it incorporates perfectly into the flour and sugar. Soft butter is butter at room temperature.

Add the salt.

Separate the yolks from the whites. Keep the whites to make meringues for example. Add the yolks to the robot bowl.

Mix everything together on medium speed. Otherwise, do it by hand.

Leave to run for about 3/4 minutes.

Secret number 2: the perfect aspect of the crumble is a sandy appearance. This is the result you should get after mixing the preparation with a robot or by hand.

Transfer this preparation to a bowl.

It’s ready, all you have to do is prepare the fruit to make a good crumble!

Philippe Etchebest – Cook well accompanied with my Mentor method

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