Pézenas: a cat caught in a jaw trap arouses emotion and indignation

The poor animal wandered the city, thus trapped, for days, before being rescued. But it was too late. On Saturday October 8, he was euthanized. The association of free cats of Pézenas is stepping up to the plate and has filed a complaint.

“Someone first saw him in the car but couldn’t stop,” says Christiane Balmer, the president of the Free Chats of Pézenas, still upset. This is how a cat caught in a jaw trap was reported in early October in the town. Immediately, the municipal police are alerted and the volunteers of the association go in search of the animal. “We looked for him everywhere.” Indeed, despite the trap stuck to its paw, the cat moves.

And it is finally after several days of research that she is found in the Voltaire car park where she had taken refuge, Saturday, October 8. “A gentleman saw flies…”, continues Christiane Balmer. The black cat is indeed in poor condition. The trap is opened and the animal will then be taken to the veterinarian. “Broken bone, flesh remained with the trap, worms, wounds. It was horrible”, describes the volunteer. “She was gangrenous, there must have been blood poisoning”. It’s too late to amputate. Baptized Rose, she was euthanized. The veterinarian must soon deliver an accurate medical report.

“We cried”

“It was a fox trap, probably used by someone who has poultry for example. But it’s forbidden! We shouldn’t do that anymore. A kid, a grandmother can get caught in it. It’s a danger. Maybe the person is protecting their property but they have to find another solution. We cried about it, it breaks my heart. We cannot accept this kind of thing. How can we do this? “It has to stop, we can’t martyr animals like that. Even a fox, we’re going to let it agonize like that, for 15 days, a month?”

Forbidden Traps

The association Les Chats libres de Pézenas has decided to react, to alert the town hall, “30 Millions d’amis”, to file a complaint and to publicize this story. “We did everything necessary to denounce this practice. It must be reported because it is too serious”.

As a reminder, the use of jaw traps has been prohibited in France since January 1, 1995.

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