People would be more interested in an Apple car than Teslas

“Would you think about buying an Apple product if the brand sold a car? This is the question posed by Strategic Vision in the United States to a panel of people who have recently bought a new car. No less than 45 brand names were submitted to the participants of the study and in accordance with the physiognomy of the local market, it is the name of Toyota which comes out on top of the reactions with no less than 38% of positive answers for the giant. Japanese, just ahead of Honda at 32% positive responses. Leader of the American market, Ford curiously only comes fourth in the ranking with 21% of favorable responses. But surprise, the third brand favored by the participants of the study does not currently sell any car in the world: it is indeed Apple, a company for which no less than 26% of respondents answer that they could seriously consider buying one of its cars if it entered the automotive market.

The proportion is astonishing: not only is Apple only outranked by two car brands, but the brand known for its telephones and computers is also ahead of Tesla, which receives “only” 20% of positive responses. Apple’s image is so good that these consumers surveyed think the brand is capable of designing an excellent car without any experience in the matter.

So, when is an Apple Car?

What motivate Apple to enter the arena of car manufacturers? The possible arrival of an Apple Car regularly comes to the fore but until now, the brand has never dared to embark on such an undertaking (despite apparently very thorough reflections internally on the subject at a certain time). In terms of image in any case, Apple seems to have an advantage over Tesla, which had to build its own in the late 2000s…

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