people are losing their lives because of his sausages contaminated with listeria!

Europe is in health alert. A wave of massive recalls has been launched across the continent to frankfurters produced in Italy.


European health alert was launched by the Agricola Tre Valli cooperative in Verona. These frankfurters are sold under several brands in nmany countries and by almost all distributors. The Once Upon a Time website explains everything.

Beware of frankfurters made in Italy!

While listeriosis hits Italythe Agricola Tre Valli cooperative voluntarily withdraws for several days certain batches of sausages from own production.

This withdrawal of sausages, which is the subject of a health alertwas carried out in accordance with competent authoritiessaid the cooperative.

The cooperative, which is part of the Veronesi groupunderlined that this decision on the sausages has been taken exclusively as a precaution, since incorrect storage of the product and the failure to follow cooking instructions on the label may make the food unfit for consumption from a microbiological point of view.

Agricola Tre Valli also clarified that, given the extraordinarily hot summer which has just passed, it is possible that the products in question, once purchased, were transported, stored incorrectly and then consumed by not following the instructions on the label.

Withdrawal, according to the press release published on the company’s websiterelates only to sausages produced and remaining on the market after the summer.

They are identifiable by the stamp CE IT 04 M and expiry date until December 5, 2022 included. These are, of course, references that are only valid in Italy.

The company Agricola Tre Valli insists that she proceeded to this withdrawal as a precaution with these sausages.

All self-monitoring analyzes carried out by the company on the same batches which are withdrawn and the official samples taken on the territory by the competent authorities absolutely give a microbiological result Compliant with current regulationsshe insists.

Health alert and 3 deaths in Italy

The cooperative has activated this health alert due to fears of the spread of Listeria in Italy.

Indeed, the Italian Ministry of Health, on high alertreported that there have been at least three deaths and almost 70 clinical cases throughout Italy due to listeria bacteria.

These deaths due to listeriosis have occurred, as confirmed by ministerial sources in Ansa, Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna, respectively in December 2021, March 2022 and June 2022.

They all concerned particularly fragile or immunocompromised people.

Frankfurt sausages sold in France

In France, the withdrawal concerns three products :

  • Pavo Wurstel,
  • Golosino di pollo and tacchino
  • Wudy Wurstel and its derivatives

What lots?

The lots that concerning this health alert are the following :


Bundles: 1825217 / 1846835 / 1863583 / 1869104 / 1873731 / 1883996 / 1911739 / 1921549 / 1929755
Expiry date between 21/09/2022 and 09/11/2022

WURS.*PAVO FRANK.100 Lots: 1820701 / 1929176

Use-by date between 09/20/2022 and 11/08/2022


Batches 1791526 / 1902495
Use-by date between 09/20/2022 and 11/14/2022


Lots: 1900286 / 1916344 / 1947711
Use-by date between 09/21/2022 and 10/15/2022

WUDY 150g X 25 HALAL

Lots: 1839024 / 1846862 / 1869111 / 1873756 / 1896650 / 1911224 / 1929185 / 1936510 / 1947712
Use-by date between 02/10/2022 and 24/11/2022

WUDY 250g X 15

Batches: 1839009 / 1852807 / 1888982 / 1906129 / 1929751 / 1940795
Use-by date between 09/27/2022 and 11/15/2022


Lots: 1803199 / 1820077 / 1820665 / 1860349 / 1877305 / 1883993 / 1916974 / 1933896 / 1952362
Use-by date between 09/21/2022 and 11/30/2022


Lots: 1808935 / 1863556
Use-by date between 24/09/2022 and 21/10/2022

Health alert throughout France

The competent French authoritieswho are on health alert, indicate that this withdrawal concerns the whole of French territorybut investigations for determine in which stores these sausages have been sold are in progress.

People who have consumed these products and having a feverisolated or accompanied by headaches and body achesshould consult their doctor urgently and report their consumption.

Of the severe forms with neurological complications and maternal or fetal damage in pregnant women may also occur.

Pregnant women as well as immunocompromised people and the elderly should be particularly alert to these symptoms. Listeriosis is a potentially serious disease whose incubation period can reach eight weeks.

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