Pellicu-Live Festival in Thuir – Pierre Augé: “The base of boles de picolat is bread”

Pierre Augé, the owner of La Maison de Petit Pierre in Béziers hosted the last show of the chefs of this second edition of Pellicu-Live. Interview to be read “with” the Biterrois accent.

How do you find yourself, here, in Thuir, disguised as Freddie Mercury?

The story is friends, as so often in life. Gathering, madness, good humor, that’s what I love and that’s exactly what’s been happening here for three days.

An explanation for Freddie Mercury?

I’ve always been a real fan and since this Saturday is a disguised party… there you go (laughs)!

As a cook, is it destabilizing to go from the stove to a stage?

Frankly, not really. I haven’t prepared anything, I do everything by feeling.

Even in the kitchen?

In the kitchen there is always a lot of preparation. But I like the feeling of freedom.

How does this translate?

It’s only me who understands myself (laughs). Afterwards, my freedom, it mainly depends on my relationship with suppliers who do essential work. They bring you the products and that’s what you create from.

So you only work with fresh and local.

Yes. But it makes sense to me. It has become a fashion today. The cooks communicate a lot about that but I don’t understand how it could happen otherwise. Cooking has always been fresh and local.

A word on Catalan cuisine?

What I like about the south is that we’re all different but we all have the same background: I always say we have heart and balls. We have the identity of the kitchen of the grandmothers. I am thinking, for example, of boles de picolat. For me, in this recipe, the base is not the meat but the bread. This is what will make all the difference. Many of our grandmothers’ recipes are based on bread because it was cheap and, cooked in a certain way, it allowed the whole family to eat.

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