Fried shop Chez Gus, Thulin, forced to take measures to survive

By Thomas Dimos | Published on 09/18/2022 at 18:56 The energy crisis is hitting independents hard. Faced with inflation, the chip shop Chez Gus is forced to take measures, especially since it is also a victim of the increase in the price of raw materials. ** * * ******** ****** **** **** ********** *** ** … Read more

Daimler Truck overtakes Tesla and unveils its first electric truck

Daimler Truck about to overtake Tesla. The world leader in heavy goods vehicles presented its first all-electric truck on Sunday, September 19, with a useful capacity of 40 tonnes. A prototype of the “Mercedes-Benz” brand vehicle, called the electric “eActros LongHaul”, was presented at a press conference ahead of the German utility show “IAA” which … Read more

A fight for a tray of fries

St Denis. Last night, around 8 p.m., an argument broke out between a father, accompanied by his wife and child, and a fast food cashier, Burger King du Chaudron. The cause of the discord? Rupture of fries and a tray which will therefore be empty. Witnesses to the scene told us that an “Uber Eats” … Read more

In Château-du-Loir, the business assets of the Grand Hôtel are for sale: “I want to move on” | The mail

By Writing Le Petit Courrier – L’Echo Published on 18 Sep 22 at 16:16 The Courier – The Echo See my news Follow this media After having managed several establishments, Jonathan Valsaint wishes to give another impetus to his career. ©Le Petit Courrier – Olivier Jaunay It is probably the most prestigious establishment in Château-du-Loir, … Read more

Discover the ranking of the 10 best rated restaurants in Metz and Nancy, according to TripAdvisor

By Amandine Mehl Published on 18 Sep 22 at 17:23 Lorraine News See my news Follow this media Here is the list of the 10 best restaurants in Nancy and Metz, according to the TripAdvisor ranking. (©Adobe Stock/Illustration) Pizza, burger, traditional French or Asian cuisine… Whether it’s for a romantic dinner or a reunion with … Read more