Optimus, Tesla’s humanoid robot, will he “transform civilization”?

At the annual “Tesla AI Day” conference, Elon Musk presented two versions of this robot which could be marketed within three to five years for less than 20,000 dollars.

In 2021, on the occasion of “Tesla AI Day”, the company’s annual conference on progress in artificial intelligence, Elon Musk unveiled a humanoid robot intended in particular to perform dangerous, repetitive tasks in place of humans. and boring. After declaring earlier this year that this robot, called Optimus, could be in production as early as 2023, the boss of Tesla has just presented the first prototypes.

During “Tesla AI Day” on September 30, a first version called “Bumble C” arrived by carefully walking on the stage, sketching a hand salute and a few dance steps. “The robot can actually do a lot more than what we just showed you”, assured Elon Musk, before presenting a video in which we see the robot bringing a package to an employee and watering plants. Tesla employees later wheeled out a more advanced prototype Optimus, unable to walk on its own but with fewer exposed cables. He also greeted the audience.

Do whatever a human brain does

As a reminder, Optimus will work with the technologies developed by Tesla for its vehicles, including the Full-Self Driving system and cameras. The company claims that with the “brain” part that will be at the level of the neck, it will be able to do everything that a human brain does, such as processing visual information, making split-second decisions or even communicating. using wireless connectivity and an audio system. It will also have a battery with a capacity of 2.3 kWh inside the torso, “perfect for a full day’s work”.

The company hopes to mass-produce it soon. “Optimus is designed to be an extremely capable robot produced in very large quantities, probably in the millions of units, and should cost much less than a car”, explained Elon Musk. The multi-billionaire would like to market it for “less than $20,000” within three to five years. The conference was also used to recruit more engineers to achieve this goal.

To avoid “a Terminator scenario”

With this robot, Tesla aims to “fundamentally transform civilization” and build a “future of abundance, a future where there is no poverty, where people will have what they want in terms of products and services”, according to statements by Elon Musk. The businessman plans to test Optimus in the group’s California factory to prove its usefulness. He also hopes that the robot will one day be ” friendly “ and that arguing with him will seem ” natural “.

He also reiterated that it will be safe, promising security features to prevent “a Terminator scenario”. Finally, during the conference, Elon Musk announced a “catgirl” version of Optimus, with the photo of a female silhouette from behind, placed in front of a line of metal robots, on Twitter. To see if this is a real project or just a joke from the boss of Tesla.

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