ON VIDEO | Out-of-control Tesla hits road users head-on in China

A spectacular crash involving a Tesla Model Y has left two dead and three injured in China, and surveillance cameras captured the surreal scene.

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The accident occurred on November 5 in Guangdong Province, China. Local media “Jimu News” reported that a motorcyclist and a young student were killed.

Authorities are still unable to pinpoint the exact cause of the accident, but someone close to the driver reported that he had difficulty with the brake pedal.

In a compilation of videos of the accident, the SUV can first be seen trying to park in front of a business.

Screenshot | Twitter

Quickly, the man loses control of his Tesla, which speeds along the busy streets of Chaozhou.

Screenshot | Twitter

The car then accidentally crashes into cyclists and motorcyclists at full speed.

The serious accident ends when it collides with a vehicle.

Screenshot | Twitter

The American automaker said it will cooperate with the investigation.

***GRAPHIC IMAGES – See the video of the accident at the top of the article***

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