On a Princess’ Plate: Here’s Kate Middleton’s exact breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Between working on various charitable initiatives, caring for her three young children and attending more than 80 royal engagements throughout the year, Kate Middleton is one busy woman. Despite her busy schedule, the Duchess of Cambridge makes sure she has a consistent routine, which emphasizes a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

As one of the most followed women in the world, Kate has sparked immense curiosity about how she stays in shape. In fact, her diet is the most searched on Google within the royal family, with 4,600 searches per month and 55,000 searches per year worldwide. This research, conducted by exercise and nutrition experts Barbend, found that Kate’s food choices generated seven times more searches than the average for all royal diets and four times more searches than the diet following the most popular: Meghan Markle.

Although the daily life of the royal family is largely private, previous reports have shown that Kate’s diet is governed by rules, but is completely realistic. Without further ado, find out what a typical day looks like for Duchess Kate. And then, don’t miss 16 celebrities talking about how they make their oatmeal.

To start her day, Kate is known for preparing a filling and energizing breakfast like oatmeal, which is high in protein, fiber and slow-burning carbohydrates. Not only are oats famous for their cholesterol-lowering properties, but they also support gut health and blood sugar control, so Kate covers several bases with this morning staple.

Additionally, to achieve a radiant complexion, the Duchess ups her antioxidant intake by opting for homemade smoothies. Kate is reported to like to mix together kale, spinach, romaine, spirulina (a type of seaweed) and blueberries. This nutrient-dense drink is packed with vitamins and minerals known to promote healthy skin and reduce the risk of disease.

As the day progresses, Kate continues to load up on antioxidant-rich foods, making sure to incorporate plenty of raw ingredients into her lunch. Watermelon salad with avocado, onions, cucumbers and feta is one of her favorite meals.

And although she is not a vegetarian, Kate prefers to eat mostly vegetarian dishes for lunch, with vegetable skewers and lentil curry being some of her favourites. In fact, during Kate and William’s royal tour of India in 2016, chef Raghu Deora, who served the food to the couple, revealed, “Everything is vegetarian because I was told it was that. which they preferred. »

When it comes to stifling cravings throughout the day, Kate snacks on raw vegetables and fruits, like immunity-boosting goji berries. But as we all know, sometimes just grazing produce isn’t enough. So to get her salty snack fix, the mother-of-three is known to eat popcorn.

Kate has also expressed her fondness for olives. During her 2018 visit to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, she told a four-year-old patient: “I used to eat lots and lots of olives when I was little, too. It’s assumed that this heart-healthy snack is still treasured by the royal, as she shared in 2019 that olives are one of her daughter Charlotte’s favorite snacks, too.

While Kate chooses lighter options for breakfast and lunch, her dinners are known to be heartier. And for the Duchess, that means cooking something traditional and delicious.

“In the evenings she indulges in her hobby of cooking William’s favorite supper, roast chicken,” Katie Nicholl, a royal correspondent, wrote in a 2012 profile of the couple published by Vanity Fair.

Kate has also said in the past that she frequently cooks meals with her children, such as homemade pizza and pasta. And when she’s not enjoying a home-cooked meal at Kensington Palace, Kate enjoys eating sushi.

Although she’s known for making nutritious food choices, Kate isn’t afraid to indulge herself with sweets. Darren McGrady, the former head chef to the royal family, has revealed that Kate’s favorite dessert is sticky toffee pudding, a classic English dessert consisting of a dense, dark sponge cake topped with chopped dates and topped with a sauce with sweet caramel. Light in texture and rich in flavor, this dessert pairs well with vanilla ice cream or a hot cup of coffee.

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