Olivier Véran invites Elon Musk “to decertify” his account if this feature becomes chargeable



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The government spokesperson reacted on France 3 to the takeover of the social network by the billionaire.

the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk questions even in the corridors of the ministries. Thereby, Olivier Véran asks himself the question of whether he should continue to use the social network. “I consider it an important communication tool, it’s a way to get informed and to inform, to communicate”first reacted the government spokesperson, invited on France 3, Sunday, November 6.

However, the former Minister of Health is opposed to the certification being paid (at the rate of 8 dollars per month), as proposed by the billionaire: “I urge them to decertify my account without delay if they feel it is something that should become chargeable.”

“The fact that this major tool belongs to a man who displays ambitions that worry me, makes me remain vigilant and that if necessary, I will take my responsibilities” added Olivier Véran.

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