“No Diet Club”: crazy Food Tours for foodies in Paris!

That’s it, the cold has returned. The weather is ugly, the hour of seasonal depression has struck and the so-called “summer body” is the least of our worries. What are we dreaming of right now? Of the comfort food that warm hearts, fatand even our first racket of the year! So if you like the comfort food and that you are a real belly-on-legs, here is a concept that should please you (and whet your appetite)!

Fat is life, No Diet Club has understood that!

No Diet Club Food Tour Paris

Dear gourmands, bon vivants, you whose appetite is insatiable like our dear Gégé Depardieu… We are talking to you! In Paris (but also in Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice, Lyon and Biarritz) “No-Diet Club” organizes Crazy Food Tours. Their target? Gluttons, like you! Burger Tour, Special Sweet Tour, Pizza Tour, Japan Tour, Kebab Tour… There is something for all tastes and desires.

Burgers, kebabs, pizzas, raclette… 3-hour Food Tours to fill your stomach

No Diet Club Food Tour Paris

For this, the team “No-Diet Club” select the best food addresses in Paris. For nearly 3 hours, you will crisscross the capital in their company, on foot (just to eliminate a little…) For around forty euros, you will explore 5 or 6 Parisian restaurants and you will taste everything! Yes, all food is included on these amazing Food Tours.

The return of the Raclette Tour with unlimited cheese!

And be careful, get ready for something heavy: from November, “No Diet Club” returns to Paris with its famous 3-hour Raclette Tour, with unlimited cheese! Felt + 50 kg, but what a culinary orgasm!

And psst:

No Diet Club Food Tour Paris

No Diet Club has also released 2 delightfully named books “Fat Recipes”two bibles dripping with gluttony to have absolutely in your kitchen (or on your bedside table!)

Not Diet Club: practical information

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