New restaurants or personal services: the latest changes in businesses in Sens, and those to come

The retail landscape in Sens evolves to the rhythm of closings, openings and takeovers. Here is an update on the changes observed in the agglomeration in recent weeks, or those that will occur in the short term.

Bagel restaurant Developed as a franchise for ten years, Bagelstein now has more than a hundred establishments in France. In Sens, a restaurant has opened at 101 Grande-Rue, in Sens. There are the famous bagels, ring-shaped rolls with a very firm texture, made with a naturally leavened dough, pre-cooked by scalding and then baked.

A kitchen designer has bought the premises of the restaurant Del Arte

Fast food Chicken Time, a fast food restaurant specializing in chicken, opened its doors at 5, place de l’église, in Saint-Clément. Hairdresser. A hairdresser-barber has settled at number 27 rue Thénard, in Sens. The Noham Coiffure salon only welcomes men.

Bakery Specialized in the sale of equipment and raw materials for pastry, the Patiss’on shop opened at 5, rue du Général-de-Gaulle, in Sens.

nail salonIn May 2022, after twenty-two years of existence at 19, rue de la République, in Sens, the haberdashery Fil à Point had ceased its activity. At this address, the beauty and hairdressing nail salon Eden Belleza recently opened its doors.

Personal services Installed since 2017 at 4, rue de la République, in Sens, the Actua temporary agency has moved to number 20 of this same artery. It is a personal services agency that has just taken its place at the beginning of the street. This is the Apef, which offers home help services such as cleaning and ironing, gardening and DIY, childcare, as well as help for seniors.

premium Rotations in the shops in Sens: the previous changes, last May

kitchen designer The premises of the Del Arte restaurant at 1, rue Henri-Cavallier, in Saint-Denis-lès-Sens, had been partially affected by a fire. The establishment, closed for about two years, was on sale and finally found a buyer. As expected, it is a kitchen designer who will carry out work there before settling there. The building permit has been authorized by the town hall. The rehabilitation should begin before the end of the year.

Artist’s studioPollywog Studio opened at number 60 Grande Rue, in Sens. This is an artist’s studio that offers fun workshops combining theory and practice around the visual arts and the printed image. Lessons take place at this address and are provided by Téa. Classes can accommodate up to eight students per lesson.

CBD CBD Shop, a wellness salon, opened its doors at 10 rue de Mondereau, in Sens. It offers products based on CBD and CBG, two cannabinoids produced by hemp at different stages: flowers, resins, teas, oils, liquids, delicacies and accessories.

Du Pareil au Same has closed its doors

Bar Affected by bad weather on June 5, 2022, the L’Émeraude Lounge bar, at 152, avenue de Senigallia, in Sens, is closed until further notice. It will reopen when repair work is complete.

Kids clothing Du Pareil au Même, the brand specializing in clothing and footwear for children and babies, has definitely lowered the curtain. The store had been located for many years at 97 de la Grande-Rue.

Catering shop Opened in 2021, the catering shop Chez les Copains, at number 3 avenue Edme-Pierre-Chauvotde-Beauchene, in Paron, has closed its doors.

Lingerie The Kayser store, a lingerie business for the whole family, opened at 115 de la Grande-Rue, in Sens (formerly Divine Paris) in August 2019. The store has definitely lowered the curtain.

In May, last year, at 116 Grande-Rue, in Sens, in the former premises of Devred, investors opened their fifth store in France, called Icôn. The business is closed today.

Ready-to-wear (bis) Last year, at 44 rue du Général-Allix, in Sens, the Tony Men boutique opened. She offered ready-to-wear for men. This business has closed. A workshop for the sale and repair of musical instruments is announced at this address.

Possible arrival of Baker. While the construction project of the Foir’Fouille in Saint-Denis-lès-Sens was validated on June 30 by the national commission for commercial equipment, some are wondering what could become of its premises, avenue Georges-Pompidou in Sens, when she leaves them. According to our sources, it is Boulanger who could one day set up one of his stores there. Note that this sign is already present in Auxerre, in the concerted development area of ​​Clairions, at number 1 avenue Bronislaw-Geremek. The anticipated arrival in Sens of this distribution chain of multi-brand household electrical and multimedia equipment for home and leisure would nevertheless require the approval of the departmental commission for commercial equipment. Then, the chain should necessarily carry out work before using the premises of the Foir’fouille. For the record, Boulanger is a French company which was created in 1954 by the craftsman-merchant brothers Bernard and Gustave Boulanger.

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