new interface, Sonic and a video of the Light Show

It was expected, it has arrived: the big Tesla update contains unnecessary new features and other very useful ones. Here it is in pictures and video.

Source: Frandroid

As expected, Tesla’s year-end update has arrived. After 26 updates in 2021, this is arguably one of the most interesting. It contains unnecessary novelties, such as the Light Show, but it also includes a new customization of the interface as well as a special blind spot function.

The update in detail

As you all expected, here is the video of the Tesla Model 3 Light Show. loading hatch… and music to accompany it all. It is to amuse the gallery, and that is its only interest.

If you want to see the Light Show just arrived on Tesla’s year-end update, with the windows creaking as you pass

— Ulrich Rozier (@UlrichRozier) December 24, 2021

Let’s keep going through the list of what’s new from least useful to most useful. You will also be pleasantly surprised to find two new games, the original version of sonic as well as a Sudoku. Note that for sonicyou absolutely need a gamepad that you plug in via one of the USB-C ports.

The Sonic game requires a wired controller // Source: Frandroid

We have noted a number of new features in the original article, which we invite you to consult. What seemed interesting to us to show you is undoubtedly the reorganization of the interface. If you are used to this interface, you will not be lost, but you will be pleasantly surprised to see that Tesla has arranged the elements differently.

A Sudoku while the car charges! // Source: Frandroid

The navigation software has also evolved with the possibility of adding intermediate stages. You will now be able to modify them more easily, to add or modify a stop. By the way, Tesla has added the ability to delete card details if that bothers you.

The UI/UX has changed overall, even if we find the classic location of the essential functions // Source: Frandroid

A number of settings now offer more customizations, including temperature adjustment for example. You can also automate the heated seats, this will take into account the temperature of the cabin when unlocking the car.

More options and more finesse in your settings // Source: Frandroid

Certainly the most useful novelty is the display of the camera with the turn signals, which makes it very easy to check blind spots. The status bar (at the bottom of the screen) also offers one of the most anticipated new features: you can now customize it with the applications and functions of your choice, and you have access to a menu. The latter allows you to navigate faster, so actions should be faster.

Looks like the menu of a smartphone // Source: Frandroid

There are also new interfaces, including the one that includes all of the car’s data: counter, odometer, energy expended, etc.

For numbers enthusiasts, it’s easier to group them here // Source: Frandroid

In short, it is certainly the most useful update of the year. While Light Show mode may bring a smile, the changes to the interface will save valuable time on the road. As for the new function which automatically activates one of the two side cameras when you activate the corresponding indicator, this novelty makes it possible to optimize safety on board.

Tesla seems to have accelerated the rollout of this update (version 2021.44.25). It will have to be done by Wi-Fi, as a reminder. Either by sharing your smartphone connection or by connecting to private or public Wi-Fi.

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