NATURALIES BROGÉLIENNES: A showcase to educate young and old about the biodiversity of the animal world

The 11th edition of the Naturalies Brogélianes took place this Sunday at the Salle du Morambeau in Breuil. It’s nearly 800 people who came to admire the birds from the Mandarin diamond to the sun parakeets, but not only, there were also purebred hens, rabbits, hares without forgetting the tabby cats, Main coon who enchanted young and old. Visitors were able to contemplate the craftsmanship in wood or epoxy resin, the flowers or even the explanations of the members of the beekeeping union of Le Creusot, as well as the demonstrations of the passionate wood enthusiasts of Montchanin. On the stage of the room, a photo exhibition on the ”Forest” offered by Goold planet, and produced by Yann Hartus Bertrand was presented. As President Pierre Meunier pointed out, the natural aspect was especially highlighted with educational sheets produced by the association for children in primary schools.

This natural showcase that visitors were able to admire has already been exhibited at the Villa Perrusson for meetings in the gardens. It will be exhibited during the poultry competitions of Gueugnon and Paray le Monial at the beginning of next year.
It aims to educate young and old about the biodiversity of the animal world around us.
It is of course always in constant evolution, the association Oiseaux et Nature en Bourgogne du Sud is always in contact with very specific breeders, and with animal parks in order to be able to complete to the maximum and with a great diversity, the collection of eggs which today has more than 300 for 87 different animal species, from canaries to parrots, from chickens to ostriches, but also from turtles to Nile crocodiles.
Concerning the educational files, the list is not exhaustive, new ones regularly complete the collection, for information, the files on the 5 species of swallows living in France and on the swift are in progress, without forgetting an explanation on the migration of these small passerines.
Pierre Meunier reminded that under its exclusive banner, the association Oiseaux et Nature en Bourgogne du Sud, is able to ensure a visual and auditory presentation of these educational collections over a day or even several, even a week: “we have already demonstrated and ensured brilliantly”. And to emphasize that a sharing of this educational information can be carried out in schools, with groups, associations, local authorities who wish to make known the animal life of our countryside. “We remain available to everyone, declared the President, to share ideas for future projects…”.
All of these sheets will soon be posted on the association’s website www for general information for everyone.

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