Narbonne: a jogger “attacked” by a rottweiler near the quays

The facts took place this Sunday, October 9. A dog, untethered, which is prohibited in downtown Narbonne, scratched the legs of a person returning from jogging.

Big scare for a jogger this Sunday, October 9. As she returned after her jog along the canal, she had the bad surprise to meet a stray dog ​​resembling a Rottweiler. “I was walking up a street perpendicular to the Quai de Lorraine when I came across this animal in the middle of the lane. As I saw that it had a collar, I was not worried at first and I continued my way, being convinced that his master was not far away” she says.

But when she gets to his height, the dog literally throws himself on it. “He scratched my legs and it was impossible for me to get rid of him. I looked around me but there was no one. I was very scared. I screamed and I didn’t I couldn’t get rid of it. I didn’t want to be too virulent for fear of being bitten“. As two people pass in the street on bicycles and despite the alerts, none bother to come to his aid.

It is not the animals that must be educated but the people!

“Finally, a lady arrived and claimed it was the neighbors’ dog. She grabbed it by the collar. I told her that I had the fright of my life. She replied: “oh no but he’s nice”, then looks at my legs and tells me that I’m going to be fine. I’m appalled and I run back home”.

Looking back, the jogger admits that she would have “had to follow her to find the owners of the dog wandering in the middle of the street. It’s not a cat! I was so scared that the only thing I thought about was going home”.

According to her, “There is a stray dog ​​problem in Narbonne but there it is yet another level with people who leave them unsupervised. It is not the animals that need to be educated but the people!”.

Contacted this Sunday, October 9, the director of the municipal police, Steve Gonzalez ensures that the problem of stray dogs in Narbonne is not recurrent. “It remains that a municipal decree obliges dog owners to attach them on a leash in the city center. Offenders are liable to a fine of 38 euros”.

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