Mystery in Normandy: he brings food to his dead mother for years every week

On August 30, the lifeless body of a nonagenarian was found in her house in Bretoncelles. For several years, every week, her son had come to give her food, even though she had died.

It took five years before his death was officially declared. On August 30, in Normandy, in Bretoncelles, the remains of Albertine H. were found, indicates RTL. A morbid discovery that could not have been made without the intervention of the mayor of the town.

He brings her food every week… for 5 years

The son of the nonagenarian indeed went to see his mother regularly and brought her food every week, although the latter had died. This little merry-go-round was able to end thanks to several elements that put the mayor in the ear. The first: he hasn’t been able to see the index of the water meter for 10 years. The second: Albertine H. did not have an assigned telephone number. The last: he found no home help or cleaning lady in the service of the nonagenarian, detail our colleagues.

The uneventful profiles of Daniel H. and his wife, who is also the mayor’s deputy, did not, however, help the mayor to ask himself questions quickly. They were “well seen by all”, and were “very invested in the municipality”, specifies in particular TF1.

No skull, no femur

It is finally Daniel’s wife who will sound the alarm. One day, she contacts the mayor and asks him to come very quickly to her mother-in-law, the mother of Daniel H. She explains that her husband has just felt unwell after having confessed to her that his mother had been dead “for several years”. .

Annick obtained her husband’s confession after the couple went to the nonagenarian’s house on the morning of August 29 to deliver the meal to her, as Daniel had been doing for years. Weakened by a long Covid, the man was unable to walk that day. In front of the house, his wife insists on putting down the “triangle sandwiches” and some other food. By pushing the gate, she then discovers a garden covered with brushwood, impassable. “She must have said something like, ‘you can let your mum live in this.’ And there, he cracked”, details the mayor to our colleagues from TF1.

Auditioned on his hospital bed on August 30, Daniel assures them that the mother’s body rests on his bed and that she has been dead “for five years”. However, the gendarmerie’s research brigade only finds “dust”, “no skull”, “no femur” on the spot. “The biggest bone was as big as my thumbnail,” comments the mayor.

The bones found were entrusted to the Criminal Research Institute of the National Gendarmerie for analysis.

It remains to be seen whether this was a denial of death or a way for Daniel H. to receive his mother’s pension after her death. The mystery remains unsolved to this day. The rest of the investigation will have to determine the motivations of the son of Albertine, still hospitalized because of the Covid.

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