Mystery burger at Burger King: the return of the 3€ burger

It’s the return of the Mystery Burger at Burger King now in all your favorite restaurants and until Sunday, October 02, 2022. Come and discover among 12 burgers present at Burger King the one that will be allocated to you when you come for only 3€ . For the biggest gourmands, you will also have the joy of enjoying the “Mystery ice cream” which is also in restaurants for 2€ per ice cream. Get your Burger King app and take advantage of the limited-time Burger King Mystery Offer.

It’s now a tradition: each fall, come and take advantage of the Burger King offer and let fate choose for you: a mystery burger from a selection of 12 burgers will be offered to you for the low price of €3.
Here is the list of the different burgers you can get:

  • Crispy Chicken Cheese
  • The Master Bacon Grill
  • The Master Cantal
  • Double Cheese Bacon XXL
  • The Whoper
  • Double Whopper Cheese
  • The Big King
  • Chicken Louisiana Steakhouse
  • The Steakhouse
  • Veggie Cheese and Bacon
  • Triple Cheese
  • The Big King XXL

Something to meet everyone’s expectations and tastes! Each burger, regardless of its ingredients and size, will be charged at the single price of €3 until October 02, 2022. An offer not to be missed. Don’t miss other great deals in your restaurant like BK days 2022 to win promotions through the app.

How to take advantage of the Mystery Burger offer at Burger King?

To take advantage of this offer, you must have the Burger King app. The different stages are as follows:

  • Open the app
  • Click on the Mystery Burger button and collect the digital coupon
  • Present coupon when visiting Burger King
  • Collect your Mystery burger and pay the 3€

You have several options for picking up your burger: directly at the terminal in the restaurant, you scan the QR Code of your coupon and the burger is automatically added to your order.
you can get it back at the drive-thru : then click on “get my drive code” of your digital coupon, the burger is automatically added to your order.
Finally you can get it in click and collect : when placing your order, click on “a coupon, a promotion?”, select “a mystery burger” and confirm, the burger is added automatically.

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