Montpellier: gourmet dinners, wine bar evenings, the new appointments of Thomas Réa at La Table des poetes

In the Chaptal district, the young chef gives color to his “gourmet canteen”, in the decor, the plates and the appointments offered. Once a month, a gourmet dinner prepared with four hands with a guest chef; and a wine bar evening with a winemaker.

Taste and sharing in an informal atmosphere: this is the concept of La Table des poetes, by young chef Thomas Réa, in the Chaptal district, near Gambetta. His “gourmet canteen”, as he likes to call it, is breaking new ground this fall with two regular events: a gourmet dinner, the second Friday of each month, prepared together with a guest chef; and a wine bar evening, on the third Thursday, around good bottles from a winemaker, accompanied by “snacks and scoundrel dishes”. With Thomas Réa, words already whet your appetite!

“We organized these evenings to meet demand, and it was enjoyed!”, explains the chef, who therefore renews these two themes. On October 14, he will be in the kitchen with chef Guillaume Despont for a new gastronomic evening to concoct a six-course meal and on October 20, the wine bar evening honoring the Mas du Novi, a Grés de Montpellier estate located in Montagnac.“In particular, they have a fabulous dessert wine. These evenings allow us to discover winegrowers”


“I like what is healthy and which sends taste” “Enjoy” in the kitchen on gourmet dishes, delighting the customers: this is the happiness of Thomas Réa.“I cook from the market, on inspiration. I work a lot with spices, small aromatic shoots, to use less salt, sugar, fat. I make my vinegars, my kombucha, my misos. I I like what is healthy and gives off taste!” . La Table despoètes is also an eco-responsible commitment, both in short circuit supply and in the operation of the restaurant. The decor is in the same tone: green plants arranged in crates and in jars,“It’s nature that invites itself into the room”

underlines the chef who took over this address three years ago, after a rich career in gastronomy (see box).

The Table of poets, 2 rue Desmazes, from Tuesday to Friday, noon and evening. Such. 04 99 61 19 59. Packages from €20 to €38.

Gastronomic evenings: 6 courses, €60. Wine bar evenings, from 6:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

A career with great chefs

Originally from Pérols, Thomas Réa trained at the hotel school of Saint-Chély-d’Apcher and at the French school of gastronomy Ferrandi, in Paris. He then cut his teeth for eight years, in Paris and London, with great chefs such as Jean-François Rouquette, Jean-François Piège, Joël Robuchon or Olivier Limousin, whom he considers to be one of his “mentors “. Back in the region, we find him alongside the Pourcel brothers, at the Jardins des Sens, before a first position as chef at the Vichy Thermalia Spa Hotel in Juvignac, then for three and a half years at La Diligence, in Montpellier. Three years ago, he opened his own establishment, La Table des poetes. Last year, he joined the association of Chefs d’Oc, which works to promote regional gastronomy and local know-how.

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