Miscellaneous – Justice | Pyrénées-Orientales: the dog of a walker killed during a beat

It was a dramatic accident that took place this weekend near Perpignan. A dog of a walker was killed, victim of a gunshot in the forest of Rabouillet, while a beat was organized. According to the L’Indépendant website, the owner of the animal was looking for mushrooms.

“It’s part of the hunting rules, we correctly identify the target before shooting. The person who shot believed that my dog ​​was a deer”, he testified to our colleagues, indicating that he filed a complaint. The president of the hunting federation of the department qualified this act “unforgivable“.”The cause of 90% of these accidents is the non-respect of the rule which says that one must formally identify before shooting“.

The federation asked the prefecture to suspend the hunting license of this person.

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