Miscellaneous – Justice | Marseille: a madman rushes into a restaurant with his car

Surreal scene last night in Marseille. Shortly after 9:50 p.m., a man crashed his vehicle into the facade of a Lebanese restaurant in the 9th arrondissement, causing heavy damage but miraculously causing no casualties.

The 38-year-old driver, very agitated and speaking incoherently, had already presented himself at the establishment a little earlier, threatening to “set on fire“, is moved the boss. “He had a joint in his hand and red eyes… Our customers got scared and left. We ourselves then preferred to enter the terrace, close the curtain, and exit from behind.“, he continues.

It was good for them… A few minutes later, the 30-something drove his car into the restaurant, smashing the facade and smashing tables inside. “There could have been deaths“, laments the restaurateur. The rest is just as absurd: the aggressor in the car-ram left his vehicle to … buy a slice of pizza!

During this time, a young resident of the neighborhood had the good idea to steal his keys left in the ignition. Upon his return, the man was finally arrested by the police called to the scene. According to our information, the car had false plates and was declared stolen. In a state that did not allow his continued custody, the madman was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward.

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