MG Motors overshadows Tesla with its new electric car

MG Motors could deal a real blow to Tesla before the end of the year with the release of the electric MG4.

When we think of electric cars, the first name that necessarily comes to mind is above all that of Tesla. The company, founded in the early 2000s, which today belongs to Elon Musk, sold nearly a million cars during the year 2021. A figure that may seem paltry compared to 2022.

But if Tesla is today the firm that dominates the world of electricity (at least in the collective unconscious), the company is no longer as adored as it was a few months ago. Indeed, the recent price increases of the Texan firm have scared off several potential buyers preferring to turn to historical names in the automobile industry such as Renault, Audi or BMW.

But other brands have also entered this new market, with varying degrees of success. On the other side of the Atlantic we can thus speak of Rivian, a 100% electric brand or even of the manufacturer MG which presented a few days ago an MG4 Electric with very interesting characteristics.

MG Motors wants to compete with Tesla with the 100% electric MG4

The latest from MG indeed announces a price under 30,000 euros for purchase in France (not counting the iconological bonus). Accessible, the car is also enduring. The group announces a range of around 450 km. If the car is not yet available in Europe, it should be launched this fall.

MG Motors has already announced that it will be available in seven different colors: Pebble Black, Dover White, Medal Silver, Andes Grey, Diamond Red, Brighton Blue and Fizzy Orange. Futuristic, the car has a dashboard that gives pride of place to new technologies. In particular, the vehicle has a wireless charging system for smartphones.

With a large central screen, the new MG4 is reminiscent of German electric cars, and their more or less bulky dashboard console. This compact city car should therefore find a place without too much difficulty in many European garages.

The electric car: the car of tomorrow?

Symbol of this takeover of electric power, the best-selling car of the year will have been the Toyota Rav4 Hybrid in 2021. In 2022, if the figures are not yet official, hybrid and 100% electric technologies could take all places in the top 10, marking a historic turning point in the small world of the automobile.

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