Menu of the week: recipe ideas from Monday 3 to Sunday 9 October

Of autumn again and again

Did you miss fall recipes? So much the better, because there are plenty of them on the menu this week. Between an endive salad with goat cheese, a mushroom velouté and a carrot and squash cake, we play the card of seasonal products to the fullest. For Sunday, we have also provided you with roasted seasonal vegetables, to accompany a home-made beef bourguignon melting to perfection. The perfect dish for a family get-together.
Other classics of the week, endives with ham, an apple-grape crumble and a pear tatin tart. Recipes that we know by heart, with a slight twist that always has its effect.

To brighten up your evenings, we have also planned a festive meal consisting of a vegetarian burger, sweet potato fries, and silken tofu chocolate mousse. A 100% vegan menu for a weeknight and above all very gourmet.

What menu for the week?


Gravlax of duck breast with rosemary
Salad of grapes, goat cheese, endives
Granola with fruit compote


Sweet Potato Fries
Veggie burger chickpeas mushroom oats
Silken tofu chocolate mousse


Velouté of mushrooms and parmesan
Carrot patties
Grape and apple crumble


Forest carpaccio
Endives with ham and bechamel sauce
Plums sautéed in olive oil


Caramelized Cauliflower with Spicy Sauce
Grilled salmon with sriracha sauce
Pumpkin, carrot, hazelnut and spice cake


Indian chickpea and red onion salad
Seffa with mackerel, chicory, walnuts
Apple sticks


Sunday Roasted Vegetables
Beef bourguignon
Pear, caramel and dried fruit tarte tatin

My shopping list for the week

Cabbages, mushrooms, endives, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, grapes, plums, apples and pears… We warned you that the week would be rich in seasonal products. After adding all this to your basket, head to the butcher’s shop, where you’ll buy a duck breast and beef bourguignon. A detour through the charcuterie will also be necessary for the ham. On the tide side, you will need salmon and mackerel fillets. As for dairy products, this week, you will only need goat cheese and cottage cheese.
Then make a stop at the grocery section, to pick up canned chickpeas, oats, and all kinds of oilseeds. The sheets of bricks needed for the Saturday dessert will be found in the world cuisine department, while the silken tofu is generally stored with the prepared vegetarian dishes, in the delicatessen department.
We also think of going to the bakery department to buy burger buns, if we don’t want to make them homemade. That concludes this week’s shopping list.

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