Melun. A dog seriously bites a municipal police officer during the Affolantes

The owner of the dog was taken into custody
The owner of the dog was taken into custody ©Illustration-Pixabay

The evening had started well, but unfortunately ended in the emergency room. Indeed, Friday, September 16, around 10:45 p.m., while the festival of maddening (dedicated to music and street arts) is in full swing in Melun (Seine-et-Marne), a young man made bite on the right leg by a pit bull.

Present to ensure the safety of the festival, several municipal police officers go on the spot, but the situation escalates quickly with the owner of the dog. This one would have indeed started to be aggressive with the animal which would have in return also bitten it.

Owner taken into custody

Uncontrollable, the pit bull will then attack a young municipal policeman and bite him very badly in the calf. An injury serious enough for the latter to be quickly taken to the hospital where he had to be operated on this Saturday morning given the depth of the bite. Another police officer will eventually be obliged to taser the dog in order to calm him down.

The owner of the animal was also transferred to the hospital, where she was allowed to leave around 3 a.m., before being immediately taken into custody. Indeed, according to the first elements of the investigation, the 25-year-old young woman, domiciled in the Melun region, would not be authorized to own a first category dog, what is more without muzzle.

The animal has for the moment been placed in the pound before tests are carried out to ensure that it was not carrier of any disease transmissible to humans.

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