McDonald’s sales supported by menu price hikes

In the United States, they increased by 6.1%, driven by price increases for fries, hamburgers and nuggets.

Price increases and a larger customer base in the United States helped McDonald’s sales in the third quarter, but the fast food chain’s performance was weighed down by the strengthening dollar.

The group’s same-store sales, the benchmark in distribution, increased by 9.5% over the period. In the United States, they rose 6.1%, driven by price increases for fries, hamburgers and nuggets sold by the chain and an increase in the number of customers. The group is also highlighting promotional operations and the growth of its sales on the internet and for deliveries.

Sales have also increased strongly in France, Germany, Australia, Brazil and Japan, but continue to decline in China due to strict government-imposed confinements due to Covid-19 peaks. But including the effect of the rise of the American currency against other major currencies, in particular the euro, the British pound and the Australian dollar, as well as the closure of McDonald’s establishments in Russia and Ukraine, the turnover of the company as a whole fell 5% to $5.9 billion. The group emphasizes that its margins have also been affected by the rise in labor and raw material costs.

McDonald’s stock, which had 39,980 restaurants worldwide at the end of September, rose 2.5% in electronic trading before the opening of the New York Stock Exchange.

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