McDonald’s is launching two new Nutri-Score A sandwiches in France!

McDonald’s has something new for its customers. Indeed, the fast food is releasing two new burgers with a Nutri-Score A.

McDonald’s has a big surprise in store for its customers. And it’s nothing to say, the king of fast food has decided to launch two new Nutri-Score A sandwiches in France. MCE TV Tells you everything from A to Z!

McDonald’s has not finished surprising its customers

The reputation of fast food is second to none. And for good reason, in the four corners of the globe, everyone knows McDonald’s.

Besides, it’s simple, there are at least one in all countries. Good with the exception of La Ruisse, following the current conflicts. But that is something else again.

One thing is certain, the king of burgers surfs thoroughly on the thousand and one events. It must be recognized that these are things that are very pleasing to its customers.

Last August, the chain’s restaurants were even become PokéStops on Pokémon Go. A first in the history of McDonald’s.

But, to remain one of the leaders in fast food, the chain is obliged to renew it. Indeed, the latter must constantly be full of good ideas.

That’s why at the end of August, McDonald’s turned his trash into jewelry for a very glamorous collection. One thing is certain, the American giant is not short of ideas.

Moreover, to restore its image, the latter decided to launch a sacred challenge. The goal being to offer Nutri-Score A burgers in France.

Well, it’s done, two new Nutri-Score A sandwiches will see the light of day in France. MCE TV tells you more!

Nutri-Score A burgers arrive in France

This is a first in the history of McDonald’s. And for good reason, the fast food giant is not not really known for its healthy menus. Quite the contrary!

Last August, for example, the channel unveiled a new release of his iconic Big Mac. But, there was no question whether the products were good for the body.

So, on the occasion of the start of the school year, McDonald’s has decided to make good resolutions. This is why the brand unveiled two Nutri-Score A burgers.

So the chain of fast food offers the McWrap. A sandwich made with chicken, red cabbage and onion pickles.

The second will be Signature Charolais with red cabbage and pickled onions. In short, burgers, with more vegetables than usual.

The goal for McDonald’s is therefore toincorporate more than 40% raw vegetables in their burgers. But this is not the only novelty.

Indeed, in these sandwiches, there will be more fiber in bread. But, McDonald’s will also have to pay attention to the fats present in its products to limit them.

It remains to be seen whether these new burgers will have the same success as the others. If so, McDonald’s could extend these recipes to other countries.

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