McDonald’s announces the arrival of its new Royal Deluxe Bacon burger!

On its Twitter account, McDonald’s announced great news with the return of a certain burger and in particular the Royal Deluxe Bacon.

Some would prefer they were there forever. But McDonald’s knows very well how to retain its customers. By putting back on sale cult burgers, so awaited by its faithful. Proof of this is with the upcoming Royal range. With, in addition, the arrival of a new kid: the Royal Deluxe Bacon.

Some problems encountered

There is no doubt that this announcement will delight the fans. And restore the image of fast food. Especially since the famous firm was facing a serious problem a few weeks ago. Especially at the level of his app which was being hacked.

In effect, if you have McDo+, you already know what it is. A hacker managed to break into it and steal the data of thousands of customers. An attack that obviously hurt McDonald’s.

But for the moment, it does not seem to harm them. So much so that the brand with the famous M continues to offer more and more surprises to its followers. One of the most recent remains probably that of the Happy Meal for adults.

Because yes, the famous box, initially intended for children, is entitled to a version for the older ones. But what does it contain inside? Quite simply a Big Mac and ten nuggets which replace the small cheeseburger and the four nuggets.

A news that has undoubtedly pleased those who are used to going to McDonald’s, but who do not have the capacity to ingest an entire menu. With this new formula, they will finally be able to find what they are looking for.

And happiness, fast food fans had a lot a few days ago when they discovered the other good news that fell. Especially about sauces, and a famous range of burgers.

The Royal Deluxe Bacon arrives at McDonald’s

If we love going to these fast food establishments so much, it’s not for nothing. It’s because we love the taste of the products on offer. And especially sauces that are in burgers.

This is why some will be delighted to learn that McDonald’s has just made a nice surprise for its customers. By selling some of its best-known burger sauces. Like the Big Tasty, the Big Macor Royal Deluxe.

You can indeed buy these sauces at retail by going to McDo. To taste them with your nuggets or simply with your fries. Or add it to a burger from the Royal range.

Because yes, as we let you know a little earlier, the famous line of burgers from McDonald’s is making a comeback. And this one does not come empty-handed. Since it offers a new product for the occasion.

Namely the Royal Deluxe Bacon which should delight the taste buds of many customers. But you’ll have to hurry to take advantage of it. In effect, via his Twitter accountthe firm said that these burgers were in limited edition. And that they were going to disappear, again, in a few weeks.

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