McDonald’s: a customer accuses the fast food of having poisoned her!

McDonald’s is facing a huge bad buzz. The fast food restaurant is being sued for trying to poison a customer.

A McDonald’s customer accuses the fast food of having poisoned her by giving her a coffee containing a chemical product and of having refused to call for help. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A scandal at McDonald’s

It is a real controversy that is currently making the buzz. Indeed, a customer of McDonald’s accuses the fast food of having tried to poison him. And with a coffee!

The facts would have taken place in Alabama. The waiter would thus have served a coffee containing a ” harmful chemical“, according to information from Business Insider.

The McDonald’s drink then allegedly damaged his throat and organs. Feeling bad, the woman reportedly asked for help. She would then have summoned the employees to call for help… in vain.

And that’s not all ! They also wouldn’t have did not want to show the product label to the victim. Label that would have allowed the latter to obtain the appropriate treatment.

Angry, the complainant then sued McDonald’s. She is claiming $13 million in damages. Gerry Murphy, owner of the fast food, recently confided to our English-speaking colleagues: “The health and safety of our customers and employees is always a top priority.”

What the client doubts. According to her, she would have ordered a macchiato at the drive-thru at the end of 2020. The employees would then have told her that they could not serve. The reason ? The machine was being cleaned.

But while one said she couldn’t get her order, another shouted that the machine was ready. Thus, his McDonald’s drink was served to him.

“She drank some of the liquid”, it was said thinking about the trial. Neither one nor two, the latter began to feel “a burning sensation in the mouth and throat”.

In shock, the young woman lifted the lid. The liquid was not coffee. But a type of chemical.” MCE TV tells you more about this affair which tarnishes the reputation of McDonald’s.

McDonald's: a customer accuses the fast food of having poisoned her!

Fast food in turmoil

After this terrible discovery, the client left the McDonald’s drive-thru to get inside. She then explained the situation.

The manager would have ” calls out “ staff to be more cautious“. But when the woman demanded to see the product label, no one wanted to show her.

Afterwards, the manager would not have wanted to call 911 (US emergency number). He even threw the client out, telling her to call the emergency services herself.

In fact, the latter made the decision to sue McDonald’s. She is now asking for $13 million. It remains to be seen whether she will win her case.

In any case, one thing is certain, it is that his case is not isolated. Indeed, several McDonald’s have already been sued for similar facts. A blow for the fast food chain which then faced a terrible bad buzz.

Will the plaintiff win the desired $13 million? Case to follow… And very closely.

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