Mass production of the Tesla Cybertruck will not begin before the end of 2023

Four years after its presentation, the Tesla Cybertruck could finally go into production at the end of 2023, reports Reuters.

According to the report, this mass production would take place more than two years after the first assembly phase and above all, even though nearly 1.5 million people have made a reservation.

tesla cybertruck production 2023

Last month, Elon Musk said on his third-quarter 2022 earnings conference call that Tesla was working on preparing its Texas factory to build the Cybertruck. He added that production of the new model is expected to begin in mid-2023.

One of the hurdles Tesla will no doubt have to overcome is translating the supposed millions of reservations into sales. Customers were able to pay a deposit of €99 on the Cybertruck when reservations were launched, but it is unlikely that this number of reservations will result in the same number of sales, insofar as not only are they cancellable , but above all, the initially announced price of $40,000 may be difficult to sustain.

tesla cybertruck production 2023

“The Cybertruck price was unveiled in 2019 and the reservation was $99. Since then, a lot has changed”Elon Musk said during Tesla’s Cyber ​​Roundup last August. “The specifics and the prices will be different. I hate to give bad news, but I think there was no way to anticipate the inflation that we are experiencing and the various problems. What I can say anyway , is that the Cybertruck is going to be one hell of a product. It’s going to be a damn good machine.”

Another bad news for Tesla is that if at the time of its presentation, the Cybertruck, an all-electric and all-terrain pickup truck, was alone on its market, the competition has since woken up: Ford has launched its all-electric F-150 electric, GMC has the Hummer EV and Rivian offers the R1T. Even Volkswagen will launch its Scout electric pickup.

In May 2022, Tesla stopped taking orders for the Cybertruck outside of North America. For the moment, no information on the price and the final specifics has been announced. We do know, however, that the GigaPress that will be used to die-cast Cybertruck parts is on its way to the production site.

tesla cybertruck production 2023

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